Minds at Mines: Spring Break

Spring Break is a welcome oasis in a torrent of a semester. Some CSM students head to warmer lands, some head home, and most forget about homework. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What did you do over Spring Break?”

I went to Moab, Utah with some slackliners and high-lined in the middle of the desert over canyons. We all camped out and explored the desert.
Jake Larson
I went to Utah with a bunch of friends. We went to Canyonlands and Arches and my camera broke.
Vanessa Ramos
Jayln-Yates I just went up to other colleges and partied.
Jayln Yates
I went skiing near Aspen with my family.
Jeffrey Young
Elijah-Thomas I went downtown to play guitar with my pal Jared. We were seeing if we could make some money. Walking down the street playing guitar, I was approached by a homeless man. After talking and singing to him a little bit, we all became friends and played guitar/sang/rapped in praise for a half hour.
Elijah Thomas

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