Minds at Mines: Summer Plans

March is the time of the school year when students begin to finalize their summer plans. Companies make internship offers, vacations are booked, and though still far away, everyone is counting down to the end of school. This week, Minds at Mines asks about plans for the summer.

I’m hoping to study space weather through an REU because I want to get experience. Or, study abroad in Morocco.
Rosie Leone

Anna-Bond This summer I tentatively plan to take summer classes to get elective credits out of the way. I also am hoping to accompany the company I worked for last summer out on field projects as an extra hand but not a full time intern.
Anna Bond

No internships for me this summer. I only went to the Career Fair [last month] for the free stuff. I’ll be taking classes and working… maybe.
Demi Awolaja

Rima-Baliga I’m going to be taking a course to prepare for the MCAT, and then I’ll take the MCAT. My family and I were also thinking of going on vacation, but since the MCAT class is nearly two months long, it will eat up my entire summer.
Rima Baliga

I’m going to do the Mechanical Engineering field session, and then I have an internship with United Launch Alliance in Centennial and I’ll be working in the propulsion department.
Katie Kostecka

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