Movie Review: The Emperor’s New Groove

“The Emperor’s New Groove” follows a young, cocky, and busy emperor named Kuzco. Maintaining his groove and surviving another day of hearing his people complaining is a difficult job, of course. Not worried about his people, he brings in one of his subjects, Pacha, and tells him some exciting news. He’s building a new water park just for himself. Kuzco is building it right where Pacha’s house is, so Kuzco sends him on his way with the “happy” announcement. Meanwhile, Yzma, Kuzco’s administrator, believes that she should become emperor and take the throne. In an attempt to assassinate Kuzco, Yzma and her right-hand man, Kronk, mistake a deadly poison with a llama potion, which magically transforms Kuzco into a llama. Finding himself in the property of Pacha, Kuzco promises Pacha that he will move his water park to a different location if he helps him turn back into a human. Thus begins the animated comedy adventure that is sure to make anyone laugh.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” is a funny movie with many talented actors. David Spade voices the cocky Kuzco who thinks of nothing but himself, John Goodman is the voice of the llama-herding peasant Pacha, Eartha Kitt plays as Yzma, and Patrick Warburton (yes, Joe Swanson, Mr. X, and The Tick) voices the innocent and lovable Kronk.

Unlike most Disney movies, New Groove does not aim too high or strain too hard to make itself a Disney movie, nor does it go for the selling point of making a bunch of songs to sell to the populace for money. Instead, it has a fun, quirky beat and little plot leads which lead to a climax that is fun, innovative, and makes watchers fall off the bed, couch, chair, or wherever they are sitting. This movie was made for children, but the animators and director Mark Dindal did not let that stop them to make it fun for everyone.
Check out “The Emperor’s New Groove” on iTunes or rent it because it is a great movie that everyone will enjoy. Make sure to get “The Emperor’s New Groove” and not “The Emperor’s New Groove 2: Kronk’s New Groove,” which is not as good as the original.

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