News from Around the Galaxy

North Korean president Kim Jong-un and United States president Barack Obama met for a man-date at the Melting Pot fondue restaurant in Littleton, Colorado, to discuss nuclear armament and peace in the Middle East. Oddly enough, Kim is not concerned with bombing the United States. In the meeting, he expressed interest in assisting the United States in dealing with the various threats from the Middle East.

Colorado School of Mines students found a way to travel back in time last week after the keg race at Meyer Hall. They said that, if you drink enough booze, you can actually start to move backwards in time. Local scientists have pondered the cause of this phenomenon and have decided that excess alcohol causes the brain to start seeing things that happened in the past. Time does not literally slow down, but simply appears to slow down.

Strange things happened in South Denver this week. The president’s motorcade spontaneously showed up. According to news reports from the area, the president visited his long-lost twin in Aurora. The President expressed his desire to remain anonymous, but that proved difficult considering the high-profile nature of the Secret Service.

Coors Brewing in Golden, Colorado, has started selling a beer that many think is reminiscent of a strawberry daiquiri. The beer, which Coors is calling Olde Style Lambic Ale, will be roughly 12% alcohol by volume and is made using a special brewing process known as lagering. The brewing process normally requires gradually lowering the fermentation temperature, but this type of brewing requires gradually raising the fermentation temperature. The final temperature of the brewing process is close to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Computer manufacturer Dell has released a press announcement regarding it’s “iPhone killer” phone, which they said will present a new side of smartphone computing to the world. The device is slated to have a 5-inch, 2560×1400 screen, an octo-core CPU operating at 3.6Ghz, and a wireless antenna that is reported to connect to wireless networks 2000 meters away. The phone will probably cost between $7500 and $8000 when it is released.

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