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This Week in Colorado History: Street Cars

This week in 1910, the Golden City Council introduced an “ordinance granting to Rees C. Vidler a franchise to operate an electric street car system on certain Golden streets.” The ordinance was referred to the blandly named Ordinance Committee, which met with Vidler and his attorney. Vidler alleged that work could begin on an electric railroad and a Lookout Mountain funicular road as soon as the ordinance was approved.

Geek of the week: Athena Ryals

The geeks at Mines are as multifaceted as they are intelligent. Some geeks are as stereotypical as it gets, spending all of their time holed up in their rooms, gaming, studying, and hanging out on the internet. Many others, such as sophomore Athena Ryals, manage to balance the nerdy side of life with all sorts of hobbies. In between nerding out, dancing, and cracking jokes with friends, Ryals managed to find time to sit down and allow the Oredigger to interview that elusive species known as a Mines girl.

Gear Review: Lib Tech Jib NAS Ski

Spring is here and despite Colorado’s outbursts of bipolar weather, there is a trend of warmer weather this time of year. This warmer weather marks the end of the ski season. For some this is great news, but for many skiers and snowboarders this is a sad time. However, every cloud has a silver lining—the end of the ski season also marks end of season sales. Many ski shops will be looking to get rid of their snow sport inventories as they make room for a summer sport oriented inventory.


Game Review: BioShock Infinite

Released for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, “BioShock Infinite” turns away from the underwater realm of the first two games and goes to new heights, literally, taking place in the floating city of Columbia in 1912. The player plays as Booker Dewitt, a man from New York with a debt and guilt that can only be repaid if he retrieves a girl from Columbia.

Community Spotlight: Powder7

Most students at Colorado School of Mines know Bent Gate Mountaineering as the only ski and board shop in Golden, but on the north end of town, about as far as one can go on highway 93, there is a little ski shop called Powder7. Though Powder7 operates mostly online, they keep all of their inventory at their Golden location, including a small display room where they show off a fraction of their entire gear selection. Although the display room is small, they are always willing to bring merchandise from the storage room to the display room to show customers if they ask. Additionally, they have no qualms about selling equipment in person.

Ethics Across Campus: Beliefs and Actions

A few weeks ago, I argued that, when faced with two contradictory beliefs, we ought to reject one of the beliefs that cause the contradiction. We ought to do this, I argued, because if we do not, we are forced to believe anything whatsoever. Specifically, I argued that most of us have deeply held ethical intuitions that conflict with ethical relativism and that, since our intuition about the ethical status of suffering (i.e., that suffering is bad) is strong and plausible, we ought to reject relativism. This week, I’d like to consider what actions we might be committed to given our strong ethical intuitions about suffering.

Attention all hipsters: Athena & Ocean, LLC Still Hiring

Students still desperate for summer experience still have a chance with Athena & Ocean, LLC, or A&O. A&O is a small engineering firm that embraces hipsters’ ironic lifestyle, but students probably have not heard about them. A&O attended Spring Career Fair, but did not have many applicants, as their unpaid summer internships were not very desirable compared to typical high-paying engineering internships. However, students not wanting a mainstream internship missed out if they did not apply to A&O.


Club Sport of the Week: Tennis

Tennis at Mines has a long history, existing in some form or another since at least 1913 and perhaps even earlier. From the early 1970s until 2005, Mines men competed at the varsity level, garnering four RMAC championships and countless postseason appearances. On and off since at least 1972, Mines women have fielded a club team, but to this day have never officially competed in NCAA play. Club Tennis in its current form has existed since 2005, with each year since then proving to be more fulfilling than the last.

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