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Humanitarian Lecture Series: Marybeth Lima

Humanitarian engineering can affect many, and most often one does not think of the needs that children living in some communities have. Marybeth Lima presented on “Building Playgrounds, Engaging Communities: Creating Safe and Happy Places for Children,” marking the last lecture of the Humanitarian lecture series. Lima started her playground building career soon after graduating from Ohio State University with a PhD in Food, Agriculture and Bioengineering in 1996. From there she moved to Louisiana where she took a job as a teacher of an engineering design course.

Headlines from around the world: 4/22/13

Greek police were searching for three farmers on Thursday. They are suspects in the shooting and wounding of more than 20 migrant workers at a strawberry farm. The three farmers opened fire on Wednesday at a crowd of about 200 Bangladeshi immigrants who were demanding their overdue wages. Luckily, there were no deaths, but numerous injuries were reported. This shooting could have occurred due to anti-foreigner sentiment in Greece where one worker in four is unemployed after five years of recession. Police arrested the owner of the farm but were still searching for the foremen.


Music Review: The Gentlemen

A song came out last summer and a lot of people heard it playing on youtube. It was called Gangam Style. Psy swept the world by storm with his song Gangam style and went viral all over the internet. Well, he’s back and this time he has brought a whole new song to the table called “Gentleman”. The song is pretty good. It has a techno kind of beat to it along with lyric styles similar to Gangam style.

Movie Review: The Room

The Room is a romantic drama which stars, was directed by, written by, adapted from theater by, and produced by Tommy Wiseau. The Room is a curious movie, one which has a quality depending on what the viewer expects to see. As a romantic drama, this is easily one of the worst movies ever created and should never have seen the light of day. That being said, as Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly said, this is “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”. The sheer amount of plot holes, inconsistencies, as well as terrible acting and writing makes The Room one of the greatest comedies written that has spawned audience participation based viewing events similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Game Review: Magic the Gathering

This week in the game review, we take a look at another popular form of gaming out there, Trading Card Games. One of the oldest known out there is known as Magic the Gathering, or MTG for short. MTG was released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Two or more players can battle by using a deck of printed cards. Each game of MTG represents a battle between mighty wizards, known in the MTG world as “planeswalkers”, who use spells, items and summoned creatures to fight each other. MTG’s original concept was based around fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, but the gameplay is far from pencil and paper games like that.

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