Minds at Mines: E-days

Mines students look forward to E-Days all year long, making memories Thursday through Saturday through the various activities and traditions. The Oredigger caught up to a few participants of this year’s Orecart Pull to ask “What is your favorite part of E-Days?”

The fireworks. Always always always the fireworks.
Krista Pekarek
The Orecart Pull is pretty much the only thing I do for E-Days.
Carolyn Nichols
Andrew-Towe Orecart pull and fireworks. Yeah. Because it’s [walking] and exploding things.
Andrew Towe
Probably just being with people. Not studying.
Ethan Zimbra
Connor-McKay The Orecart Pull, because we get to talk to friends for two hours while walking down scenic Colfax.
Connor McKay

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