Movie Review: The Room

The Room is a romantic drama which stars, was directed by, written by, adapted from theater by, and produced by Tommy Wiseau. The Room is a curious movie, one which has a quality depending on what the viewer expects to see. As a romantic drama, this is easily one of the worst movies ever created and should never have seen the light of day. That being said, as Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly said, this is “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”. The sheer amount of plot holes, inconsistencies, as well as terrible acting and writing makes The Room one of the greatest comedies written that has spawned audience participation based viewing events similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The following summary contains plot spoilers, but this is not a movie watched for plot. The story of The Room follows the life of Johnny, a San Francisco banker, as well as his fiancée Lisa, who is an out of work person in an ambiguous computer related field. They have a relatively good life together until Johnny is passed over for a raise which causes Lisa to become suddenly dissatisfied with Johnny and resent him. After talking about the issue with her mother and her best friend, who both recommend staying with Johnny, Lisa then seduces Johnny’s best friend Mark. Lisa decides she “wants it all” and will stay with Johnny for money while cheating on him with Mark. She also begins falsely accusing him of domestic assault after getting him (a non-drinker) drunk using a cocktail made from vodka mixed with scotch (known affectionately by the ‘fans’ of The Room as ‘Scotchka’).

While the affair is happening, there are numerous subplots occurring. A neighboring college student named Denny has an unexplained run-in with a drug dealer named Chris-R that is stopped by Mark and Johnny bring Chris-R to the police station. This is never brought up again. Lisa’s mother also then reveals she has breast cancer to Lisa, and this is also never brought up again. Several games of touch football later, including one game in tuxedos, Johnny has a surprise birthday party. During this Lisa begins publicly cheating on Johnny with Mark resulting in Johnny committing suicide using the gun he took it upon himself to confiscate from Chris-R instead of turning it in as evidence.

It is hard to say whether or not The Room is a bad movie, since it depends on how it is viewed. As a serious work, The Room is a terrible movie that shouldn’t be seen. As a piece of unintentional piece of comedy, it is on par with Manos: The Hands of Fate and Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. The Room cannot be recommended enough for any fan of terrible movies. The DVD is especially recommended as it contains as an extra an interview with Tommy Wiseau where he is asked about several of the plot holes and then proceeds to answer in a series of rambling speaches.

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