Opinion: 4-20

April 20th is a fun day every year. No matter if it’s a Monday, a Wednesday, or a Saturday. In Colorado with the recent passing of Amendment 64 this fun has often translated into consuming large amounts of marijuana in scones, banana bread, brownies, and other tasty consumables.

Our society developed these drug habits out of an unstable lifestyle. Sadly, even though it is hard to admit it, sometimes smoking marijuana is used as a coping mechanism for other stress such as tests and other more personal and heartfelt issues. Life is short and enjoying it to the fullest is the key.

Enjoying life to the fullest has different meanings, is it the smoking behaviors exhibited on April 20th or succeeding in a sport such as soccer, or skiing. Maybe it could be the achieving of a 4.0 for a semester or having success in a business venture. Whatever it means everyone should strive to find their own meaning.

This year on April 20th a group of friends got together and smoked a few bowls of marijuana. It was a fun experience of a 4-20 in Colorado. Slacklining in the neighborhood and then falling asleep to South Park.

A classic 4-20 story. But what could they have done differently? Might they have not instead tried to do some homework or gone skiing. Or maybe at least not smoke the ganja. Our society has ingrained this idea of April 20th as being associated with the consumption of marijuana as well as the time 4:20.

Being only one day a year April 20th isn’t too rough, but hey, let’s make sure to try to keep it at that level. A few times at best right my friends.

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