This Week in Colorado History: Street Cars

This week in 1910, the Golden City Council introduced an “ordinance granting to Rees C. Vidler a franchise to operate an electric street car system on certain Golden streets.” The ordinance was referred to the blandly named Ordinance Committee, which met with Vidler and his attorney. Vidler alleged that work could begin on an electric railroad and a Lookout Mountain funicular road as soon as the ordinance was approved.

While the city was on the verge of approving streetcars, street lamps were being cut. “The Colorado Transcript” and the Golden City Council agreed that “As the street light appropriation was cut down to a considerable extent it seem[ed] necessary that a great many street lights be dispensed with.” A committee was appointed to “determine which lights could best be spared.” In another cost-saving measure, the city clerk was to request the owner “of the Prout property on Ford Street” to install a sidewalk, to avoid an ordinance.

Captain Will C. Bryan was again “chosen to take charge of School of Mines athletics,” this week in 1910. Unfortunately, the track team was already getting a late start. Despite their difficulties, “The Colorado Transcript” predicted the track team would be successful.

The Golden High School baseball team defeated the Denver University Preps by a score of 20 to 1 this week in 1910. Though the game was ultimately a blowout, “the embryo preachers put up a fast, snappy game” at the start. However, the game took a major turn after the third inning, and the Goldenites were victorious.

Though it was not local news, “The Colorado Transcript” shared an interesting commentary on circumstantial evidence. This week in 1910, a Salt Lake City man “who had never touched liquor or tobacco” celebrated his 100th birthday. At the same time, a San Diego man who had for about eighty years enjoyed the weed and glass” celebrated the same marker. The paper encouraged readers to draw their own moral.

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