A message from your USG

Welcome to Mines, new students! I know you are all ready for the challenge that awaits in the new semester. I hope you’ve all had a great summer’s rest in preparation for school. Needless to say, you picked the right place to spend four years.

With just a quick glance around you, the beauty of Golden is apparent and the town has so many great things to do! Located within 15 minutes of town are ideal cycling roads and mountain biking paths, rock climbing crag filled Clear Creek Canyon, and Clear Creek itself for kayaking. The sunny creekside park is a great place to hang out and read, or take a nice, exciting ride downstream on a tube.

Whatever your fancy, Mines has a student organization for it, everything from the Free ride Collective to watching “gnar” ski videos to the Urban Gaming club for some Humans vs. Zombies. Don’t be afraid to get active on campus! There are many opportunities for everyone to become leaders and members of the 170 clubs and organizations. Not only will participation in these improve your resume, there is no better outlet from your rigorous studies.

I would like to introduce one of the great organizations to get involved in; the Undergraduate Student Government, or USG. USG is one of the big players in the student life at Mines, and oversees the use of upwards of $800,000 to benefit the student body.. We discuss policy, campus issues, and plan traditional events each year such as Into the Streets (a community service day) and the E-Days Undie Run. The growth of student government in the last few years has been great to see, and it will continue through this next year.

We hope to see you active and successful on campus, and indeed we have our own opportunities for freshman. The four freshman representatives have not yet been decided, and will not be until the semester starts.

The positions include Freshman Class President, and three Freshman Senators, all of whom will be chosen by your class through elections. Keep in mind all of this as you start out the year and please feel free to meet with any of the council.

To end, I want to welcome you again to the Colorado School of Mines. Congratulations! I hope you’re excited for your first year in college!

Samuel “Scoop” Cooper
USG President

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