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Longboard and Skate Club

One of the newest clubs on campus is the CSM Longboard and Skate Club. The Oredigger met with Justin Mattice Stefan Whiting, two of the founders of the club. Still in its early stages of development, the CSM Longboard and Skate Club was founded at the end of the spring semester and is in the process of becoming a CSM affiliated club. Leadership roles and meeting times have yet to be determined, but, according to Justin Mattice, “official group rides will likely occur either Tuesday or Thursday in the late afternoon. We will probably establish times for our group rides at our first meeting.” Mattice went on to state that the first meeting will be a pancake and waffle night on Friday, September 13. The location of the pancake night will be announced on the Facebook page and by email in the coming week.

Upcoming Club Sports Events

As another year at the Colorado School of Mines begins, so do Club Sports. This year the Club Sports department is proud to announce that there will be 19 intercollegiate clubs for students to join. Here is where you can get the latest information for tryouts, games, and contact information regarding any club that is in season this semester.

Field Guide to Mines Students

Freshman orientation has come and gone, classes have started, and students seem to be getting the hang of things. CSM lovingly provides their fresh victims with some preparation, and the campus maps do well to let new students know where they will spend their mornings and afternoons. Yet something has been missing. In order to truly navigate the Mines campus, one must be able to navigate its inhabitants. Therefore, a never-been-seen-before Field Guide to Mines Students is being released to the CSM community.

Parking Services Announcement

It’s no secret on the Mines campus that people are annoyed by the parking situation. With parking lots disappearing under the foundations of new buildings and existing lots being upgraded to a more expensive tier on a regular basis, some are questioning the motives and wisdom of those who normally work so hard to make sure that student needs are met. However, Parking Services recently released a reassuring explanation for these actions.

The Stars Above Mines: Meteorites 101

It is rumored that Thomas Jefferson once said, “I would rather believe two Yankee professors would lie, than that stones have fallen from the heavens.” In the grand scheme of humanity, the idea that rocks could come from anywhere but the Earth is both new and diametrically opposed to many of the ancient schools of thought. To many ancient cultures, meteorites were a physical embodiment of a message from the divine–a reasonable guess given the times.


The boys were rulers of the forest. They were kings, each sharing in the dominion of their verdant realm, wearing headdresses befitting of their role, leaping through bushes and over rotting logs and about the crumbled soft knots of dirt, running across paths known only to them. For them, doors exist where others simply see a wall, and the forest was a house of doors.


Music Review: White Lighter

In the past, Typhoon has produced a hodgepodge of music, often cramming in a cascade of emotions and styles into their EPs. Their new album, White Lighter, is no exception to this rule. The album is just begging to be quirky, yet dark enough to be loved. Which is unfortunate because with a more dedicated sound, White Lighter could be a strong contender for the best of Typhoon’s discography.


Movie Review: Sharknado

Sharknado is a 2012 television disaster movie through the SyFy channel starring Tara Reid and Ian Zierling. The film became a viral hit because of the rather strange yet exciting plot– a shark-filled tornado attacking the city of Los Angeles. Sharknado is a rather unique action film and is genuinely entertaining with its complete and utter embrace of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 mantra, “It’s only a show; I should really just relax.”


Geek of the Week: Jacob Chadwick

College is undoubtedly a demanding time of life. As it is with many other demanding situations, some people make it through entirely on their own, but most people function far better with some kind of help. Senior Jacob Chadwick is one of those who understands this and will freely give help to others. He is often on the receiving end of some assistance himself, be it from the friends he has all over campus or the cup of coffee that rarely leaves his hand. The Oredigger found a few minutes of Jacob’s time amidst the busyness of Celebration of Mines.

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