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Game Review: The Last of Us

When a deadly fungus infects the world’s food supply, everyone is left to fend for himself. People infected by the mutagen roam the streets in search of their next kill, and the few survivors have to cower in fear. These survivors go up against impossible odds to survive. In these deplorable conditions, morality has all but disappeared. The one bright spot in this torn-up world is the relationship between Joel and Ellie. In their fight for survival, they prove that, even during the apocalypse, there is always some hope for humanity.


Comic Corner: Batman – Lovers and Madmen

Lovers and Madmen opens with Batman surveying Gotham City, pondering the difference between silence and quiet. Silence, he claims, “has a hum behind it. A nervousness. The fear of making a sound,” while quiet is “absence. It is rest.” He finds himself satisfied that his massive efforts to fight crime are finally paying off. Meanwhile, across the city, the story introduces the reader to a bored career criminal named Jack who is ready to give up on crime and life until an encounter with Batman reinvigorates him and inspires him to start a new crime spree that terrifies the citizens of Gotham.


Exploring Golden’s Geological Past

To say that the School of Mines is lucky in terms of its location is quite an understatement. It is perfect for an institution that has world-class earth science departments to be located in such a stunning and resourceful area. On top of all of this, the university is lucky to has geologists such as emeritus professor Dr. Bob Weimer. So when the opportunity arises every fall to go on a walking tour of the geology of Golden with Dr. Weimer, throngs of geoscience students crowd the Geology Trail.

Physical Metallurgy and E.M. Lab Safety and Respect and Diversity

Thursday’s MME (Metallurgy and Materials Engineering) Research Seminar saw Dr. John Chandler, Dr. Gerald Bourne and Dr. C.J. Van Tyne educate students on proper safety procedures in the lab and on the laws and campus policies regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Dr. Chandler began with a presentation on the MME department’s Electron Microscopy Lab. He reminded students of the locations of the labs and advised them that if they required training for the instrumentation in the lab, the training needs to actually be done in the lab. He told students that they need to be sure to remember to use their log sheets and user accounts, to be respectful of and help maintain the lab, and to report any problems right away.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9/2/13

A research team recently developed a method for tracking cells through the use of fluorescent organic tracers which provide researchers with a non-invasive tool to track biological processes for long periods of time. The team created probes composed of a small number of molecules that aggregate. This aggregation means that the probes have more detectable fluorescence and less leakage than single-molecule probes. Furthermore, rather than the current “blink” this team’s tracers show steady fluorescence and do not contain heavy metals or ions that could pose a risk for living things.

Headlines from around the world: 9/2/13

With the uneasy situation between the United States and Syria, president Barack Obama is seeking congressional support to impose military force on Syria. Already waiting in the Mediterranean sea are five United States naval destroyers who are armed and waiting for the order to attack. The President believes that military action is a positive step as he said, “To deter, disrupt, prevent and degrade the potential for future uses of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction.”

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