2013 fall career fair a rainy success

The monsoon-like conditions did not stop ambitious Mines students from filling Lockridge Arena at the annual Fall Career Fair last week. “This is probably the soggiest Career Day ever,” said John Kuyt, a senior in Civil Engineering, “When I first came in, I walked around and talked with friends who are recruiting because that was when I had wet hair.”
Director of Mines Career Center Jean Manning-Clark concurred, “Well, it’s definitely the wettest Career Fair ever, though we have done it in a blizzard before.”
Besides being the wettest, this year’s Fall fair also broke the record for most employers in the history of CSM career fairs. According to Manning-Clark, the official number of employers was 227, eight more than the previous year, which was the largest Career Day at that time. “This year we kind of just blew it away,” added Manning-Clark. There were also additional companies on the waitlist and large areas for resume drops.

“The companies are great this year. It’s been a great day. I walked up to Ball and there was no line, so I’ll take that as a sign,” said Sarah Ivey, a junior majoring in Engineering Physics. Besides stocking up on free pens, sticky notes, frisbees, and other company paraphernalia, CSM students flock to Career Fair to search for an internship or a full-time job. Mines prides itself on graduating many students with summer experience, making graduates even more attractive to employers when the time comes to search for a full-time position. Ivey was one of many attempting to secure an interview for a summer internship, while graduating seniors were trying even harder to interview for companies where their career might start.

Not only were the companies attractive to students like Ivey, but the students also stood out this Fall to the recruiters. “I am impressed with the students,” said Valerie Holt of Tenova, “There’s lots of great applications for interviews and I’m confident that we’ll be able to fill the spots.” Romica Williams from Bimbo Bakeries USA said, “The quality we get each year is always top of the line so we love coming here each year.”

After securing that first full-time job, some Mines graduates return to where it all began and recruit at the Career Fair. “Being at Career Fair now is less stressful. It’s a good change. It’s also kind of fun to see everyone again,” said Chelsea Newgord, who graduated from CSM in 2012 and is now a geophysicist at SIGMA Integrated Reservoir Solutions.
Career Day does not by any means mark the end of recruiting, as many companies hold information sessions and about 1,000 interviews in total will be held in the coming weeks on campus. Mines will also hold a Career Fair in the spring, though the Spring Fair will not likely match the size or the sogginess of 2013 Fall Career Fair.

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