Club Spotlight: Residence Hall Association

New students looking for a way to get involved on campus will find that Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the place to be! From school-wide events to those centered in a single Residence Hall, this organization is the “in between of students and executives on campus,” according to President Ryan Czarny. In essence, as RHA advisor Erik Buol explained, “RHA is an outlet for students to get involved on campus, specifically those who live in the residence halls. [These students] have a variety of specific needs and we try to meet those through programming, outreach, and providing an open forum for students.”

Not convinced? Members like Matt Balderston love how efficient and enthusiastic everyone is in RHA. But in reality, everyone who is in RHA is excited about it. During meetings, everyone is open to new ideas. “When there is a brainstorm, something awesome [will] come out of it!” said Czarny. This year, some of the latest brainstorms have caused so much excitement that RHA has decided to create separate committees to enable more productivity. As Czarny explained, based on the events that are coming up, a social services committee, a service committee, and a floor-olympics committee have all been created, and there are many more to come. Last year, RHA put on events such as Grocery Bingo, Apex Center ice rink skating event, video game tournament, Apples to Apples tournament, De-stress with Puppies Day, and many more. Balderston is most excited about the Halloween dance and haunted house festivities along with the costume contest.

Not only are the events that RHA puts on exciting, but everyone involved also seems to have a reason that they are there. As this year’s president, Czarny said[a], “I was an executive member last year, and thought I could pull some of my ideas and improve the club in different ways, like previous presidents have.” On the other hand, Buol’s desire to become an advisor stemmed from such an enjoyable time in his undergraduate experience, and as a result he wanted to frame others’ experiences in the same way.

RHA meets every Monday night at 7pm in the Maple Hall Community Room, all are welcome, especially those who are ready to make things happen. As Buol exclaimed with a huge smile on his face, “it’s super fun!”

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