Fight to “The World’s End”

Perhaps the greatest comedy of the year, “The World’s End” has certainly earned its spot on the shelf of great movies. From the comedic genius that crafted “Sean of the Dead”, Simon Pegg has once again struck gold. Join Gary King (played by Simon Pegg) and his team of rapscallions as they conquer the famed “Golden Mile”. The final installment of the Cornetto Trilogy brought in an impressive $8.7 million opening weekend in the US, earning it the highest average viewings across the country.

The story follows middle-aged protagonist Simon King as he retells his high school glory days. The story climaxes at his friends’ first attempt at the Golden Mile, a mile-long pub crawl comprised of 12 bars. After recalling the failed attempt to complete this feat, King begins a quest to gather his four high school pals and give it another go. Although meeting some resistance, King uses his wit to con them into coming along. The team revisits the sleepy town of Newton Haven, only to find that its inhabitants have all been but replaced by alien robots.

Unable to escape, the group find themselves with no choices but to finish the Golden Mile. Each member of the group gets a chance to come to grips with the mistakes of their pasts and find closure despite the imminent threat of possible destruction. Hilarity ensues as the cast fights their way through hordes of alien robots, struggling for the last pint at the pub aptly named The World’s End. King, whose life has been less than successful, comes to the conclusion that his past is all he has to hold on to. This last bit of motivation is enough for him to repel force the alien robots to flee in fear at his unstoppable ignorance.

Side-splitting comedy infused with a hint of drama keeps “The World’s End” at an accelerated pace of pleasure. Relatable and familiar characters keep the audience begging for more as the shenanigans continue. The story takes a moment of emotional depth as they look into the sordid lives that followed King’s graduation, but promptly returns to the shallow wade pool of raunchy humor to keep the audience laughing. Like many of Pegg’s films, they also focus around some of the better traits of humanity. Determination, strength, and stupidity are brought out, proving to be the main characters’ best weapon against the cold logic of alien robots. “The World’s End” is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and a must on every “have seen it” list.

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