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Longboard and Skate Club

One of the newest clubs on campus is the CSM Longboard and Skate Club. The Oredigger met with Justin Mattice Stefan Whiting, two of the founders of the club. Still in its early stages of development, the CSM Longboard and Skate Club was founded at the end of the spring semester and is in the process of becoming a CSM affiliated club. Leadership roles and meeting times have yet to be determined, but, according to Justin Mattice, “official group rides will likely occur either Tuesday or Thursday in the late afternoon. We will probably establish times for our group rides at our first meeting.” Mattice went on to state that the first meeting will be a pancake and waffle night on Friday, September 13. The location of the pancake night will be announced on the Facebook page and by email in the coming week.

When asked about the club’s goals, Justin said, “I want people to feel welcome and to establish a community.” He went on to say that a large part of building this community is recruiting new members and teaching them to longboard in a safe and responsible manner. Mattice said he is already outlining different roads around Golden of varying difficulty to create a progression for beginners and advanced riders alike. The club has a few extra longboards for people who are interested in joining the club but are hesitant about the initial investment in a longboard. Along with group rides and teaching new members, the club also hopes to attend several longboard events along the Front Range and to even host a few longboard events on campus.

When asked how they got started longboarding, both Justin and Stefan had similar stories. Stefan said, “I bought a longboard freshman year, rode around campus. Next I started sliding and the rest became history.” Justin said “I started longboarding freshman year as a way to get to class from Mines Park, but then I met Stefan over the summer and starting learning to control my speed by sliding.” Justin went on to say that his reason for longboarding has changed a little “I don’t do it so much because it easy to get around, I do it because I love it. I wake up every morning stoked to go to campus because I get to longboard there.”

Justin stated that his reason for starting the club was because he grew up snowboard racing and had aspirations of going pro but had to give it up when he started pursuing an engineering degree. Longboarding brings him back to his racing days, and he wants to share that feeling with as many people as possible. Justin concluded the interview saying, “If you love longboarding or pancakes and waffles you should join this club…we like to have fun around here.”

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