Minds at MInes: Choice Hot Beverage

Autumn officially made its appearance on the calendar Sunday, and recent cooler weather has been a welcome change to those who enjoy hot beverages. Whether out of necessity for waking up during 8AM labs or for pure enjoyment while reading a book or doing homework, every person has their own personal favorite of hot drink. This week Minds at Minds sought to find out which drink was most popular among students.

Coffee. It can wake you up and tastes good when made right.
Jeremy Ansah
At Slate, two-thirds coffee, one-third hot cocoa instead of actually putting milk and sugar.
Ben Malek
Brennan-Mayhak Hot cocoa because I’m trying to get off of coffee.
Brennen Mayhak
Hot chocolate because I don’t like hot coffee.
Garret Baily
Lexie-Ludeman Chai tea latte because I’m a barista and it’s yummy.
Lexie Ludeman

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