Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

Game Review: Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a free, simple, and addicting online game that allows players to make cookies with every mouse click. Through a series of upgrades and continuous clicking, the game challenges players to make as many cookies as they can. It may not sound like much, but Cookie Clicker provides a strangely engrossing experience that can last for hours at a time. The objective is to make as many cookies as possible.


Comic Corner: Spider-Men

Spider-Men is a five issue crossover event from 2012 between the world of the traditional Marvel universe and Marvel’s Ultimate universe. As the title suggests, the series focuses on the two universes’ Spider-Men: Peter Parker and Miles Morales respectively. In this story, Peter is the Spider-Man most fans (and even non-fans) know and love, set in the continuity established by the One More Day reboot wherein Parker is an adult, his secret identity is still mostly secret, and he is no longer married to Mary Jane. Morales, on the other hand, is the teenage Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe, the Marvel universe launched in 2000 designed to retell and adapt the stories and characters of the more traditional Marvel continuity. The Ultimate universe often features younger, updated versions of existing characters and attempts to update continuities that made sense when they were created in the 1960s and 1970s but are deemed not as plausible for a modern audience. The Ultimate universe generally exists outside of regular Marvel continuity. This series marks the first instance of a meeting between the Ultimate and traditional Marvel worlds.

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