Air Physics: Testing Safety Briefing

Welcome to your common exam, and thank you for testing with the Physics Department. I will be your TA for the duration of this exam. Whether you have tested with us before, or this is your first time, please pay full attention to the following academic dishonesty briefing.

There will be no beverage service, and outside beverages are not allowed. We apologize for this inconvenience. Bathrooms are located past the rear exits, but that knowledge is inherently futile since, aside from emergencies, their use is strictly prohibited during testing. Before entering into our state of the art testing facility, please remove all bulky jackets, watches, cell phones, keys, hats, bags and backpacks. Baseball caps are permitted during the exam, but please be sure to turn the brim to the back. This request is partially due to the fact that answers could be written on the brim, but mostly because we want everyone to look a little more bro-ish. Also, please leave all calculators and equation sheets outside the testing facility. Do not fret though, because I will bring around an identical calculator and equation sheet to the ones that are forbidden. If you are found in possession of any unapproved items, you will receive an “F” for this course.

This exam will last approximately 105 minutes. Before we begin, please find the nearest clock, remembering the nearest clock may be behind you. However, please do not turn around during testing because that can be misconstrued as cheating. This concludes our academic honesty briefing for this exam. Please sharpen your pencils, turn to the first page, and enjoy the test.

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