Campus Rumors: Secrets of Chauvenet

In passing, the casual CSM student jokingly mentions that something lurks in the basement of Chauvenet Hall. The typical engineer normally brushes off silly talks of children’s ghost stories, as nothing should be more normal than the typical math department building.

There is only one definitive approach to see if these fables have any truth to them, and that is to venture deep into the allegedly treacherous depths of Chauvenet and hopefully come back alive in one piece with evidence. An impromptu expedition went forth late in the night, at approximately 11:00 PM on October 19th, with a band of roaming college students each bearing the courage of a lion delving into the dark corridors of Chauvenet. Chauvenet itself had plenty of lights, but there was a random staircase or two that had the lights turned off which made it pretty eerie to look at.

An anonymous student at Mines, indigenous to the sophomores, led the exploration into the basement. The expression, “cold, dark, and damp” could not more perfectly describe how the lower level of Chauvenet felt that late at night. The guide knew about ancient markings that were somewhere further into the basement, possibly a clue as to what exists in the basement. Either there is renovation going on the basement of Chauvenet, or construction workers like to dump excess resources down in the basement, as there were 2×4’s littered everywhere. The path through the basement winded around several corners and dust was everywhere. After a lengthy and arduous two minutes of walking through perilous terrain, the exploration team found the central room with a pentagram transcribed on a door.

There are a few possibilities as to why satanic writing was drawn on the wall of a building at CSM, but all of them are only speculative. One possibility is that the pentagram is merely a joke by a student who carelessly vandalized school property. While this is the most logical reasoning of why something like that would be there, a more radical person might conjecture that a student actually went mad from suffering through a barrage of exams. This unknown writer, now lost in insanity, stumbled into the basement of Chauvenet and drew the pentagram on a door hoping to open a portal to the realms of hell itself. It is important to note, however, that there is a radioactive symbol in the middle of the pentagram, so the writer may still have been thinking of chemistry at the time.

There is no way to know for certain. The only fact that is true is that there is a silly picture drawn on a door, but the reason as to why it is there can be left up to imagination. After departing from the archeological site, a disembodied clown head jumped out and shocked the exploration group. Well, the scary clown face did not jump out per se, as it was just sitting on a ledge, but it was certainly very freaky. It is actually pretty disturbing if no one is expecting to see it there. The question of what exactly lurks in the basement of Chauvenet probably will never get answered, but the remnants of a mysterious past stay put.

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