Community Spotlight: Modmarket

It is like stepping into heaven’s fast food restaurant. Modmarket has a modern design and a fresh feel that makes any foodie feel at home. The menu is diverse and filled with healthy options. Modmarket is a Colorado owned business that was started by two guys that were tired of the typical unhealthy and highly processed fast foods. So instead of complaining about it, Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan started their own restaurant centered around their wants.

It is easy to see that the business is very detail-oriented, from the overall fresh ambiance to the Boylan Soda fountain machine. Boylan Sodas have retro flavors such as cream and grape soda and are made with real cane sugar, they are the perfect compliment to a tasty modmarket dinner. But those looking for something a little more grown-up can choose from mod market’s wine or beer list.

The atmosphere in the restaurant can be a little pretentious, looking past that, it is happy and bright and great place to dine. Other than Starbucks, many dining places do not present good study locations, but Modmarket could potentially become a new Mines student study or meeting spot. They have large tables and most people get orders to-go (except for Sunday brunch.)

The only complaint for Modmarket would be they do not know all their food allergies. They offer almost everything gluten free but when it comes to lactose intolerant they are not as generous. Most meal options have cheese on them. That being said the servers are very friendly and happy to customize the order since it is made right there on the spot. After ordering at the counter the wait is about five minutes. The time goes fast though because the Modmarket kitchen is entirely in the open. Customers can watch their meals being made and see exactly what the cooks are doing, which adds a level of security and comfort to the meal. After waiting the customer is notified and they must go to another counter to pick up the food served on real plates with real silverware.

Whole wheat crust pizzas with a variety of of fresh cheese, meat, and vegetable toppings adorn the menu. They are presented in the perfect serving size for dinner and a follow-up snack, wonderful for Mines students busy studying on weeknights. Modmarket also whips up flavorful and crisp salads, garnished with seasonal fruits, nuts, and tangy dressings.

They also have fabulous desserts such as peanut butter crunch bars, cookie bites, and brownies. There is absolutely no better way to conclude a healthy meal than with a tasty dessert.

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