HAIM – Days are Gone

The first full length album from Los Angeles sister trio, HAIM, was released on September 30th of this year. (For those unfamiliar with the band name, it is pronounced to rhyme with “time”). The band released their first single, “Don’t Save Me” November of last year. HAIM also released two EP’s entitled Forever and Falling prior to the full album release. Spanning what seemed an eternity of time from the first single to the first album, HAIM has fulfilled fan’s expectations with Day’s Are Gone. The band is comprised of Este Haim, Danielle Haim, Alana Haim, and drummer Dash Hutton. All three women contribute vocals and play instruments throughout the entire album. The ladies are in their twenties, and therefore in touch with many issues that are so very real in our world today revolving around romance: break-ups, make-ups, and self reflection to grow stronger for future experiences. HAIM writes all of their own songs, which makes the music all the more authentic and believable.

Critics claim that the band intertwines hints of Fleetwood Mac in their music. They have also been compared to 80’s pop as well as 90’s rock collaborations. All of the band’s songs have catchy beats and strong rhythmic allusions to songs of the past. The music is applicable to listening in a variety of situations, such as working out, getting ready for a night on the town, or driving on a warm day with the windows down. It is mellow enough to restrict it from the party scene, but upbeat enough to be enjoyed with friends. There have been a few remixes released, which lend a more customary club/house music tinge to the innocence found in the original versions. “My Song 5” is most definitely the most bass-filled, grungiest, and perhaps the sexiest song found on the album, as the lyrics dictate a strong emphasis on a headstrong female.

The ladies of HAIM are strong, confident, and empowering to say the least. The positive response they have gotten from the music community is encouraging for female-fronted bands, especially in the alternative genre, where most hits stem from male leads. They have played at a variety of music festivals this past year, including Lollapalooza, where their performance time was pushed later into the evening giving them a more prominent position in the line-up.

HAIM might be relatively new to the music scene, but they have successfully made a large impact and gained a substantial following of music enthusiasts. They have the beautiful talent of synthesizing music from different decades and genres into a specific sound that appeals to listeners in this modern era of music. Days Are Gone is a highly recommended album that is definitely worth a listen.

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