Headlines from around the world: 10/7/13

The United States government has officially shut down. The recent failure to pass a national budget has forced a closure of many government services including national parks and monuments. Federal loan, passport, and permit services are frozen until further notice. Many government workers and military service men and women will retain their salaries, but approximately 800,000 nonessential were let go.

Japan’s nuclear power plant, Fukushima, has leaked radioactive waste water into the ocean due to employee error. In response to the most recent typhoon, workers attempted to redirect the rainwater into one of the cooling tanks. Miscalculation of the tank’s remaining volume caused an overflow, leaking approximately 300 tons of radioactive waste water into the ocean.

Irish Health Minister Dr. Reilly has declared Ireland plans to be tobacco-free by 2025. Ireland will enact a series of restrictions over the next twelve years to limit the purchasing of tobacco products. Approximately 22% of people over the age of 15 in Ireland smoke regularly; officials hope to reduce this number to 5% by the year 2025.

Washington law enforcement shot and killed a woman after her attempted break in at the White House. The woman, had a one year old passenger as she drove over short barriers on a road towards the White House. The driver was then shot dead just outside the Hart Senate office building. A secret service member and Capitol police veteran were injured. The child was reportedly unharmed.

Indonesia’s Chief Justice, Akil Mochtar, was arrested for bribery charges. Indonesia’s most recent graft charge is thought to be connected to questionable results in a district election. Mochtar is the third government official to be taken in this year. Investigations continue to look into five additional subjects linked to the crime.

Sasquatch researchers claim to have new evidence proving the existence of Bigfoot. Dr. Melba Ketchum, leader of the Sasquatch Genome Project, reported that her group has collected over 100 pieces of evidence in the past five years. Ketchum and her group have analyzed over $500,000 of DNA, all pointing to the existence of a unique North American biped.

The Palestinian Fatwa Council legalized online dating. Being an unexplored concept, Palestinian authorities emphasize that the use of online dating is for marriage purposes only. No pictures or personal details of women can be shared, and women cannot create an account without explicit permission from their family. Despite this new freedom, many predict that few will use the internet as a place to connect for marriage, with many families sticking with traditional customs.

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