Minds at Mines: Government Shutdown

The 16-day U.S. government shutdown came and went. It was the first government shutdown in 17 years. Although being dealt with in Washington, the shutdown did affect some Colorado School of Mines students. For example, with national parks being closed, visiting them was off-limits during Fall Break. But the largest effect was the shutdown of information, as research, labs, and even summer internship searches were affected in some way. This week, Minds at Mines asked a few undergraduate students if they had been affected by the shutdown and how.

In lab, I couldn’t use the USGS website when working with ArcGIS. That was super annoying because I needed more data points.
Austin Bailey

It didn’t do anything for me.
Garrett Brainard

Antonia-McMullan All I go on is imgur and Mastering Engineering, so it didn’t really affect me.
Antonia McMullan

It affected me during [Gravity, Magnetic, and Electrical Methods] when our professor tried to show us the NOAA website with [magnetic field] inclinations and also in trying to find REUs because the NSF website is down.
Rosie Leone

Rima-Baliga It decreased my homework problems because the NIST webbook site was down, so one less homework problem for me!
Rima Baliga

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