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Regular season champs stumble in RMAC tourney play

The Colorado School of Mines volleyball team entered the week ranked sixteenth in the nation and were prepared to make a run at the RMAC tournament championship. After a win in Tuesday’s opening round over Fort Lewis, Mines’s hopes of capturing both regular season and postseason titles came to an end against Adams State, but the lady Orediggers are still in good shape to make the NCAA Championships as the top eight in each region make the tourney. Mines was ranked No.2 in this week’s regional ranking.

Cross Country Cruises to top-five Finish with Three All-Americans

The Colorado School of Mines men’s cross country team traveled to Spokane, Washington this past weekend and left with a top-five finish and three repeat All-Americans. This was the fifth top-five finish in as many years for the men’s cross country team after their second place showing last year. RMAC rivals Adams State and Western State finished first and fourth respectively, with Grand Valley State taking second, and Augustana third.

Wonderful Christmas Time: Celebrate Now!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not start the season early? Why not initiate the holiday festivities as soon as the trick-or-treaters return to their homes to demolish all of the candy they collected? Every year as October comes to a close, social media seems to erupt with complaints about supermarkets already switching to Christmas displays and neighbors already hanging lights and assorted Christmas decorations. But why are Christmas celebrators met with such disdain?

Scientific discoveries this week: 11/25/13

Scientists at MIT have created the new standard in waterproof. Their new super-hydrophobic coating is 40% more water resistant than previously thought possible. This revolutionary new micro ridge design has been inspired by waterproof objects in nature. The micro ridges added to the surface of objects reduces the surface area of water in contact with the surface and allows it to roll off quickly. Objects coated with this repel water so quickly that even in supercooled conditions water rolls off before freezing. This breakthrough will lead to more waterproof fabrics and airplanes that ice up less easily.

Headlines from around the world: 11/25/13

Two men were arrested in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh for offering free hugs. After observing the “free-hug” movements in other countries, Saudi citizen Bandr al-Swed was inspired to start his own. He attempted to brighten people’s day by offering strangers free hugs, believing that it could make the country a happier place. The religious police stated that the practice was “exotic and offending public order.” After the arrest, the two men were obligated to sign a pledge stating that they would not offer free hugs again.

AMS Colloquium: Network Coupling, Dynamics and Emotional Responses

As one might imagine, the workings of the human brain are an extremely complex subject, and while a great deal has been discovered in this field over the years, there is still much more that remains a mystery. As part of her current research, Professor Anca Radulescu of the Applied Math department at CU-Boulder is part of an exploratory study on the brain’s network-like organization and interactions within that network. At this semester’s final AMS department colloquium, she provided some brief insight into this research in her presentation, “Network Coupling, Dynamics and Emotional Responses.”

The Polar Express offers comforting Christmas feelings

Chris Van Allsburg wrote “The Polar Express” in 1985. This children’s book has become a Christmas classic. Children and adults alike all over the world have become enchanted with the story of a little boy who awakes in the middle of the night to find train outside his house, beckoning him to the North Pole. The book itself has beautiful illustrations that incorporate the darker shades that are associated with winter – rich reds, deep greys, thick greens. Each page draws the reader further and further into the story, building anticipation, just as if he was going on the same journey to the mystical North Pole as well. Like most children’s books, the physical size of the book is large and lends to an encompassing experience when flipping each wide page.

The Line

It is difficult to sleep without a tent, and yet, I find myself without one. I suppose one does not truly need one in this place. The ground is soft enough, but the endless day interferes with sleep. I am tired, so tired, but I must keep walking until I find something to make a tent out of, or the end of the Long Sands. Some water would be a welcome sight, but it’s been a long time since I saw anything except for what I continue to carry on me. I am beginning to believe that there is no end to the desert; that I will die here before I complete my mission. Even with my equipment, I won’t last long when the water runs out.

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