Cooking Corner: Black Forest layer cake

Black Forest Layer Cake

A Black Forest layer cake is sweet, tangy, delicious and everything in between. Devil food chocolate sheet cake is held together by layers of cherry glaze, creating a tingling sensation on the tongue. Dark chocolate icing graces the exterior, complimenting the varying palate with a smooth finish. Adding nuts can satisfy the sweet and salty lovers as well as putting an interesting twist on a cake. Originating in Germany, this modern adaption has been simplified to meet the average college student’s time and budget. The recipe serves many, so make sure to prepare for a lot of hungry friends!

2 boxes of your favorite devil’s food cake mix
1 cup of oil
2 cups of water
6 eggs
2 cans of cherry pie filling
1 jar of dark chocolate icing
Optional: Nuts for garnish

1. Prepare cake mixes following instructions on the box into two separate pans.
2. When finished, allow cakes to cool, and then set on a cutting board.
3. Slice both cake layers in half.
4. On the bottom layer, smear a liberal amount of cherry pie filling, repeat second and third layer.
5. Add top layer to the cake and spread chocolate icing.
6. Garnish the exterior with chopped nuts of choice, if desired.

1. Microwave the icing for 10-20 seconds to get a creamier consistency. This will make it easier to spread while decorating.
2. Add additional frosting in between layers with to get a richer cake.

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