Geek of the Week: Tim Christley, Senior, Physics

The mines campus is full of incredible students. These students often don’t have the time to interview with the Oredigger due to their busy schedule. This week, Tim Christley found time to chat with the oredigger about his life.

[Oredigger]: Why did you decide to come to Mines?
[Christley]: Probably because there was no essay in the application and it was free. So I applied and was accepted, and my other choice was a big school, but I like small schools, so I decided to come here.

What’s your favorite thing about Mines?
Physics. But not really. Probably the people.

Why Physics?
Mostly because I just love physics and I got too far in it to back out. But it’s been fun. Good relationships with the people.

Are you sure you’re not insane?
I am insane, but everyone here is. There’s just different levels of insane.

What are the levels of insane?
More or less insane?

What has been your favorite class? Or least favorite class?
I’ll go with favorite class because if I say least favorite class, I’ll get in trouble. Maybe. But my favorite class was either Intermediate Mechanics because it built the most relationships or Calc III because I really like calc.

What are your future plans?
Go to grad school…somewhere, and try to get a master’s in education and go teach high school physics and possibly college. Physics, and then get over to math.

What do you do in your free time?
Homework, study, hang out with friends, InterVarsity stuff, band, and play sports if I can—ultimate, volleyball, and soccer.

Do you consider yourself a geek or a nerd?
Nerd, because more people call me a nerd than a geek.

Do you think there’s a difference?
The word is different? That’s about it.

What’s the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?
Well, most recently…homework on a Saturday. That’s how I spend my weekends.

Are you into any other nerdy things besides physics?
Math [laughs]. Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. That’s pretty common around here. Mostly just school stuff.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?
If I could pick a group, I would just go with The Avengers. Why not? You get a little bit of everything in that group. Also how they get along initially is great.

Do you have any advice to younger Mines students?
Don’t die. And probably build as many close relationships as you can throughout your major. Those friends will be friends for life and they’ll help you through everything that you’re going through—school and out of school.

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