‘Hold On’ — Beach Girl Wanders onto the Dance Floor

Colbie Caillat released a new single this month entitled “Hold On.” The song was co-written and produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who worked with Caillat on her 2011 album, “All of You.” This new track has an entirely different sound than Caillat’s previous recordings. Fans of Caillat revel in her laid-back acoustically driven songs, fit for a summer day on the beach. This new single showcases Caillat in a different light, with club beats and strong rhythms layered behind her voice. Frequent listeners of Caillat may be slightly put off by this new single while listening to it for the first few times; however, fans of music can appreciate artists to be confident enough in their abilities and branch out from their comfort zones, experimenting with music in ways that they have never tried before.

In a recent interview, Caillat revealed that she really enjoys the creative processes involved with being an musical artist. She feels has reached a point in her career where she feels comfortable with expanding boundaries and exploring new genres that she has not recorded before. It is extremely exciting as a dedicated listener anticipating work from artists who spend time cultivating a new sound and adding more dimensionality to their identities. Hopefully, her newfound direction will not prove to be disappointing, as many fans of Caillat appreciate her genuine approach to songwriting.

Her newest album is expected to be released early in 2014, but many details are still in development. The exact release date is yet to be announced, as is the title for the forthcoming full length album. This will be the first album from Caillat in nearly a year. Her last album entitled “Christmas in the Sand” was available during the last holiday season. It is certain that this new album will not be reminiscent of any album Caillat has released previously. Expect more upbeat tracks and higher energy levels, perfect for dancing. Caillat will not entirely transform into a dance diva; her lyrics will probably remain close to her previous works – mostly innocent and encouraging – about romance, friendship, trust, and love. It will be the overall sound and presentation that will change and present itself in brand new packaging. For fans who have seen Caillat’s rise to fame in the past five years, it will be exciting to see a new era develop for the artist.

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