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SigEp & Sigma Nu Light Up Golden

Thanksgiving isn’t for another week, but stores are already rolling out Christmas decorations and people are beginning to string up lights. This is the time of year when the city of Golden seeks volunteers to assist with hanging lights and other holiday decorations. On Saturday, November 12th, two Greek fraternities, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Nu, volunteered some of their free time to decorate the Buffalo Rose on Washington Avenue. It was a great excuse to help out the local community while engaging in some early holiday cheer.


Geek of the Week: Andrea Christians, Junior, Geology

The geeks at Mines come in all different varieties with varying types of geekiness. “Compared to this school, I’m quite normal,” laughed Andrea Christians. But to those not at Mines and even those not in Geology, as Andrea is, she certainly is qualified as a geek; both outstanding and out standing in the field. Between homework, field trips, and watching Netflix, Andrea found time to chat with The Oredigger about her geekiness.


Comic Corner: Aquaman: The Trench “Aquaman #1 – #6”

Aquaman is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated superheroes of all time. He is part human, part Atlantean royalty, telepathic, able to withstand the pressures of the ocean, super strong, extremely resistant to physical damage, fast on land and faster in the water, has super-hearing, and can command almost any form of sea life. And if all of that fails him, he is still fully capable of stabbing enemies with his trident. In the hands of a competent, well-versed writer, he is an engaging superhero and a compelling character, but due to a combination of prior bad stories, poor use of the character, and plenty of parody, Aquaman has gotten a bad reputation as nothing more than “that guy who can talk to fish.” Interestingly though, during the superhero relaunch of 2011’s “The New 52,” the creative team recognized Aquaman’s floundering reputation. Rather than fighting the tide of negative opinions surrounding the character, they chose to incorporate that into the story and highlight the fact that no matter how much good he does, Aquaman gets no respect in his universe either. “Aquaman: The Trench” dives headfirst into the DCnU’s reimagining of Aquaman and introduces both the characters and the readers to the hero the world always seems to forget.

The Stars Above Mines: A letter from the Author

Dear Fellow Astronomer,
It is not rare for me to get a passing comment along the lines of “Wow, you are really into astronomy, what sort of telescope did you have as a kid?” My answer often surprises people, in short I was not into astronomy in my youth. Sure, I thought black holes were wicked awesome and I knew the Earth went around the Sun, but I had very little fascination with the realm beyond our atmosphere. The story I would like to tell is one part thoughtful reflection and a whole helping of a basic plea.


‘Hold On’ — Beach Girl Wanders onto the Dance Floor

Colbie Caillat released a new single this month entitled “Hold On.” The song was co-written and produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who worked with Caillat on her 2011 album, “All of You.” This new track has an entirely different sound than Caillat’s previous recordings. Fans of Caillat revel in her laid-back acoustically driven songs, fit for a summer day on the beach. This new single showcases Caillat in a different light, with club beats and strong rhythms layered behind her voice. Frequent listeners of Caillat may be slightly put off by this new single while listening to it for the first few times; however, fans of music can appreciate artists to be confident enough in their abilities and branch out from their comfort zones, experimenting with music in ways that they have never tried before.


Volleyball ends its Regular Season With a Win on Senior Night

The No. 13 Colorado School of Mines volleyball team finished their regular season with a road game at Colorado Christian and a home game against UCCS. In their first match after claiming the regular season RMAC title, the Lady Orediggers could not keep their 15 match winning streak going against Colorado Christian (18-10, 16-6 RMAC), losing 3-0. The result was different on senior night as the Orediggers dispatched the pesky UCCS Mountain Lions 3-1.

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