The Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Fun For All

Located in the heart of Denver, the capital boasts a thriving art community. Amongst the skyscrapers of the business world, people can take refuge here to express their appreciation of fine culture. Coffee shop aromas grace the senses as one makes his way to his preferred venue. The most notable of these reputable vices is located in the Boettcher Concert Hall, its grand exterior hinting to the wonders that can be found inside. It is here that the world-renowned Colorado Symphony Orchestra calls home. Boasting a seat capacity of 2,362, the musicians have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands every year with their work. To some dismay, however, one observing the audience during these concerts can note mediocre attendance and more than half of the seats available. Investigations have shown that despite its timeless elegance, classical music is lost upon the latest generation of man. This lack of appreciation is not necessarily derived from distaste; rather it is born of under exposure. Modern culture promotes pop music of the ‘three minute’ variety, giving people the impression that the orchestra is not meant for them. This idea cannot be farther from the truth; in fact, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra can hold a place in everyone’s hearts.

A common misconception that the public has is that a visit to the Colorado Symphony requires an archaic fashion sense, mostly unachievable if not undesired by a younger generation. It is common for those attending to ‘dress up’, but this is more to signify the actual action of going out. It is just as common to see a college student in jeans a polo as it is to see one in their finest. It is only suggested that one does not waste such an evening in everyday outfits. Celebrate the opportunity to escape the everyday grind-of-the-mill work and express this through apparel.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra also specializes in the classical genre. It is expected that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is wrong to assume that this is all that goes on behind the doors of the concert hall. Frequently, the orchestra puts on specialty concerts, each with a unique twist or flavor. Tributes to video games bring to life 16-bit sound tracks, achieving a level of depth that your speakers can only dream of. One can experience the binding of modern and classic as the Colorado Symphony infuses guitar riffs with violin bows, as such with their upcoming event “There will be… Beethoven”. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra can accommodate for many tastes and preferences.

The realm of music is wide and varying; to not at least experience each of its facets is a great loss. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra promises an evening of fantastic music by world class musicians, each trained for years to bring you the best possible performance. So grab a friend, take a look, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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