Wonderful Christmas Time: Celebrate Now!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not start the season early? Why not initiate the holiday festivities as soon as the trick-or-treaters return to their homes to demolish all of the candy they collected? Every year as October comes to a close, social media seems to erupt with complaints about supermarkets already switching to Christmas displays and neighbors already hanging lights and assorted Christmas decorations. But why are Christmas celebrators met with such disdain?

Some people argue that Christmas should not be celebrated before Thanksgiving. They believe that Thanksgiving deserves recognition and, by beginning the Christmas festivities in early November, Thanksgiving is simply overlooked. Most agree, however, that Christmas celebrations can begin on Black Friday, but ostracize those who begin celebrating earlier.

The holiday celebrations handbook for 2013 contains no restriction on how many holidays can be celebrated at once. Christmas lasts for an incredibly short time—for some the festivities end the second that all of the wrapping paper hits the floor. For others, the celebrating continues all day, but once the day comes to a close, everyone is faced with the depressing reality that the Christmas season is over. No more Christmas music or brightly-lit houses synchronized to festive songs. No more family visits and eggnog. Only memories and toys remain. So, why not prolong the fleeting season and enjoy the warmth of Christmas for a tad bit longer. Why not enjoy looking at those Christmas lights and elaborately decorated homes for an extra three to four weeks? Why not spend the majority of November studying to Christmas music and enjoying the holiday season? Life is short. Why procrastinate enjoyment, happiness even?

Comfort, joy, excitement, and Starbucks’ red cups fill the holiday season. Do not be a Scrooge. Prolong the season of love, put up those decorations and celebrate Christmas now.

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