Headlines from around the world: 1/20/14

Car bomb in Nigeria
17 people died in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri due to a car bomb. Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack. This was one of many attacks in Boko Haram’s terrorist campaign. Military forces claimed to have arrested a suspect. Approximately 1,200 Nigerians have died due to radical Islamic activities since the beginning of this campaign.

Vatican questioned by UN panel regarding child sex abuse
The UN summoned representatives of the Vatican to answer questions related to the sexual abuse of children by the clergy. As a signatory of the UN Convention to the Rights of the Child, the Holy See is legally bound to protecting the rights of children in its jurisdiction. Despite this, the Holy See only recently posted progress reports, following several released Church scandals. Advocates of the victims believe that the Church needs to be completely transparent about all incidents of pedophilia.

Beijing air quality plummets
Last Thursday, smog levels in Beijing reached unprecedented proportions. The US embassy in Beijing released online warnings that the air quality level was above 500 on a 300 point scale, being labeled as “Above Hazardous”. At hazardous levels, health officials recommend that people should avoid the outdoors. The local government declared a smog alert until the next day. A similar incident occurred approximately one year ago, causing mass anxiety among the populace.

US Congress limits military drone usage
Congress is attempting to limit the amount of drones transferred from the CIA to the American military by the Obama administration. In an annex to the US budget, lawmakers added several key words that increased the difficulty of moving drone technology. Due to the classification, the full extent of these restrictions is unclear.

Rain storms shut down Rio De Janeiro
Violent rainstorms cause mass flooding and power outages in areas of Rio De Janeiro. The city’s ferry system and domestic airport closed temporarily during the worst part of the storm. The 90 minute storm cut power for tens of thousands of residents indefinitely. Similar storms occur in this region every year.

Wildfires scorch Australian soil
Officials report over 80 new wildfires across the Australian continent. Recent high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as high winds, caused the recent development. One person was reported dead due to fire-related causes. Authorities suspect that additional fires in Victoria were deliberately lit. Victoria’s Fire Commissioner stated that arson detectives have begun investigations.

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