Orediggers fall just short of OBU

Colorado School of Mines Swim and Dive team lost on Saturday against Oklahoma Baptist University. Despite swimming in unfriendly waters, the men and women of CSM brought their ‘A’ game, falling short only 16 and 11 points respectively.

The women started off the night strong, pulling in first in the 200 SC Meter Medley Relay. The men continued the streak with another first place win in their 200 Meter Relay. The men and women continued to fight, bringing in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in both 200 Meter Freestyles. The 200 Meter IM proved to be more of a challenge; Cayla Wood and Katrin Gallup pulled in second and third respectively for the women and Daniel Peter a second place for the men.

As the night continued, our swim and dive team followed close behind Oklahoma Baptist, earning many 2nd and 3rd place positions. Our team continued to fight, which showed in several of the events. Melisa Ashwood dived solo against four other contenders, pulling off a 1st place win in the 1 mtr Diving event. Our women dominated the competition in the 400 SC Meter Freestyle, bringing home all the points for the event.

By the end of the meet, our swimmers continued to compete with similar ferocity. Our men and women 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay proved too much for Oklahoma Baptist, each earning all the points for their events. Never giving up, our swim and dive team finished out the month strong.

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