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Radiochemistry and the Study of Chemisorption

Dr. Bob Rundberg presented to the Mines chemistry department on radiochemistry. He works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he has been involved with a number of important projects, including the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. Yucca Mountain is a site in Nevada which was under consideration for a permanent repository for the most radioactive types of nuclear waste.

Career Day Prep for graduate students

Because Career Day is centered more around internships and full time hiring of undergraduates, it is highly recommended by the Career Center that graduate students looking for internships and full time positions make a larger effort by researching companies with potential openings and networking with them. These two things can reduce the frustration that can be introduced in the job search as a graduate student.

AMS Colloquium 1/31/14

In the field of acoustics and wave functions, problems can often get very complex and near unsolvable using methods already known and in use. Because of this, the need to develop accurate numerical approximation models in this field is constantly growing. Professor Victor Dominguez of the Universidad Publica de Navarra in Spain shared some of his most recent work in this area at Friday’s installment of the AMS department’s weekly colloquium series in his presentation, “Regularized Integral Equations for Acoustic Transmission Problems In Smooth Domains.”

A reflection on snow

As you have all undoubtedly noticed, there has been a little bit of snow lately. While snow can be pretty to look at, surely we are all in agreement that is hasn’t been the nicest thing to trudge through on your way to class. If you are currently pulling off your wet freezing socks in a futile attempt to save your frostbitten toes, then know you aren’t the only student on campus; others can commiserate and share your pain. The ice is cold, wet, annoying and yet for some reason we all still love it a little bit (well some of us do), for no other reason than the wind seems to disappear while it is snowing.


Music Review: Tallahassee

“Tallahassee” was released in 2002 by the indie lo-fi folk rock band The Mountain Goats and is the first album released by the group to be done as a more or less full band. The entirety of “Tallahassee” is the continuation of the story of two characters which frequently recur in The Mountain Goats song known as the Alpha Couple, as many of the songs that are about them feature the word Alpha in the title. The Alpha Couple by this point in their lives have moved together to Tallahassee in an effort to prevent the complete failure of their marriage which slowly falls together as they begin to drink themselves to death instead of leaving each other while their few remaining friends abandon the hopeless alcoholics to their lives of mutual destruction


Movie Review: Wolves of Wall Street

Wolves of Wall Street is the 2002 film by director David DeCoteau starring Jeff Branson, Louise Lasser, and William Gregory Lee. This is the story of Jeff Allen (Lee) who becomes a part of one of the most cutthroat brokerage firms in Manhattan and slowly learns the dark secret behind their immense success. This film should not be confused with the 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street, as one of these films is about a series of financial predators who animalistically devour the weak and less ferocious individuals of Wall Street, while the film in this review is about werewolves.

56th Annual Grammy Awards

The 56th annual Grammy Awards had more than just high fashion and music, though those were probably the main draws for millions of viewers. This year, 33 couples tied the knot after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s performance of “Same Love.” Queen Latifah acted as a temporary commissioner for the State of California and presided over the weddings. Several same-sex couples were included in the proceedings, and the event was kept secret for nearly two weeks. Even Madonna joined the fun and sang “Open Your Heart” as part of the performance.

Flappy Bird: More annoying than stubbing pinky toes, little brothers, and failing homework

Flappy Bird, available for free download on smart phones and other devices, is the most annoying game to flap into the app store. A bird with flappy wings must try to dodge and fly above openings between green pipes, much like the pipes one would expect to find in the Mario Bros universe. A tap on the user’s touch screen device propels the bird upwards, and gravity allows the bird to fall down. The concept is so simple, yet that makes the game even more aggravating. The game requires quick fingers, yet the most dexterous person is sure to fail many times. The game seems to run on failure, in fact, as a slam into the pipe kills the bird, but makes the player want to try and over and over again.

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