2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia come running around the corner, with them come new competitions and promises of gold, silver and copper metals. This year there are over 98 events or what some people like to call ’98 forms of sliding’. There is everything from the luge, sliding on a sled while on your back; to skeleton, sliding on a sled while on your front. There will also, no doubt, be some impressive skiing performances, or as it is also known: sliding on sticks that are strapped to your feet. But let’s not forget ice skating, one of the most anticipated sections of the Winter Olympics, that includes sliding around an ice rink on blades that are stuck to your feet. The 2104 Sochi Winter Olympics promise various forms of sliding that are sure to be breathtaking but they also promise heart break and successes.

This years Winter Olympics brings competitors from ninety different countries, the most represented nations in the history of the Winter Olympics. There are competitors from Herzegovina, a place half of us have never even heard of. There is even a group of athletes competing on behalf of San Marino, a tiny country inside of Italy that is only twenty-four square miles. As all of these countries gather together to participate in what will hopefully be a collection of truly impressive feats.

As the athletes compete for the prized gold, silver and copper they seek to stun the viewers. All over the world people will be watching eagerly to see the most impressive feats of athletic skill. Some people will avidly watch every single event, quite a feat, but others will only watch a few events. The one thing we can know for sure is that everyone will see at least a little bit of the Winter Olympics this year. There is no way to avoid them entirely. We can look forward to seeing them streaming on every news broadcaster, seeing them in every restaurant with a television and hearing all about them from your crazy Aunt Hildegarde. You might think that she is crazy for only watching the bobsledding and constantly comparing it to ‘back in my day’ but you cannot judge her for her joy. Each and everyone of us gets something different from the Olympics. Some people just watch it for the competitiveness and some watch it to see the beauty in the figure skaters gliding across the ice but we all enjoy some aspect of them. The Winter Olympics are more than you could ever actually imagine and there are all sorts of gems hidden inside of them that you never even knew existed. So this year instead of just watching the Snowboarding competitions like you usually do, branch out. You might discover something new that you love. Perhaps Curling will strike your fancy, there is only one way to find out.

So as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics slide into focus, get ready for some exciting performances. If we are lucky, Team USA might even win lots of metals. No matter the type of metal (well we might want gold a little more than the rest of them). So plan an Olympics party or go and tune your television to the Olympics because things are going to get exciting around here.

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