The best fro-yo fo-sho

Frozen yogurt is pretty much the best thing ever. Froyo is delicious, and then when the toppings are added, the yum factor goes off the scale. For the health nuts, this magical treat will also be appealing. The probiotics in yogurt help with digestion, and some studies even say weight loss, but if one puts a pile of toppings on their froyo creation, the weight loss claim may be a little less true. Frozen yogurt is delicious and nutritious and Golden is lucky enough to have one of the best frozen yogurt shops: Goozell Frozen Yogurt & Coffee.

The vibrant shop is located in historic downtown Golden on the corner of Washington and 12th is one of-a-kind. From the service to the product itself, Goozell is top notch.

The service is the absolute best. At most froyo shops, the employees are teens that care more about who just texted them, rather than improving the customer’s frozen yogurt experience. At Goozell this is not the case, as the employees are helpful and kind to the customers. The owner, Brandon Narva, is often in the shop making sure the Goozell experience is the best.

To help show just how great the service is at Goozell, here is a little story. There once was a girl who was lactose intolerant, but still loved frozen yogurt. She would often deal with a stomach ache from eating froyo just because it was so delicious (and because the probiotics in yogurt make it is easier to digest than most dairy products.) Almost all frozen yogurt shops have one dairy free option, and four out five times it is mango. This girl was more of a chocolate and peanut butter girl, and not fond of fruity flavors. So one day the girl shared her dream of a chocolate non-dairy froyo with the owner of Goozell. Today, Goozell is now offering a chocolate fudge non-dairy frozen yogurt. In other words, dreams do come true.

The non-dairy and other froyo flavors and types of toppings are changing all the time. This means customers can go as often as they want without getting tired of the same old thing. If someone is not feeling the froyo scene, they can also enjoy one of Goozell’s Turkish blend coffees, something from their espresso bar, bakery item or even soup!

The Mines community is not the only one who thinks Goozell is amazing. The frozen yogurt shop has received multiple awards including “2013 Best FroYo Shop in Denver,” the “2013 Best of the Best” award by Colorado Community Media and the readers of the Golden Transcript for Best Frozen Yogurt, and Trip advisor awarded Goozell with a Certificate of Excellence.

The word Goozell comes from the Turkish word Güzel meaning “beauty of people, places, food and life passions”. When customers go to Goozell Frozen Yogurt & Coffee they will understand why it is named this. So treat yourself, and get some Goozell today!

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