Dinosaur Statue on Campus?

Everyone on campus has seen the strange stone sculpture on Kafadar Commons. No one is really sure what it is supposed to be or why it is there. Recently, there has been an executive decision made by officials at the school that the strange three rock stone sculpture is to come down and be replaced. The statue is to be replaced by something much larger and more straight forward.

The current statue will be demolished to make way for a new statue of a dinosaur. Not just any dinosaur, but a life size replica of a Sauroposeidon dinosaur. These dinosaurs stood sixty feet tall and were about 108 feet long. There is some question of how the statue will fit on Kafadar Commons but the school is already looking into solutions to any potential space issues. One of their primary solutions to not having enough room is to suggest moving Meyer Hall. There is no news yet as to where it would be relocated to but surely the school would figure something out that would work for the Physics Department.

The dinosaur statue will be hand carved from a single block of granite; they are still looking for one big enough. The design was sketched out by the one and only Luis Jimenez, who created the ‘devil horse’ by Denver International Airport. The plans were made before his untimely death while constructing the ‘devil horse’. Luckily for the school, however, he was able to completely finish the sketch for Colorado School of Mines’ new dinosaur statue. The statue will not have glowing eyes or anything terrifying like that; it will simply be immense in size. Keep an eye out for the dinosaur statue that is coming to the Colorado School of Mines near you.

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