Geology Department moves onto Kafadar

Mines administration, USG, GSG, and the Geology Department have all agreed that having a department building for Geology is useless, so all Geology classes will now be held out in Kafadar. “They’re always on Kafadar anyway,” said President Scoggins. This includes the classes already out on Kafadar, such as Structural Geology, but will also include freshman GEOL101 all the way to graduate-level petrology. TAs and professors will hold office hours while hammocking or slacklining.

The move has been met with outrage from the Slacklining Club and other students who frequent the commons for recreation. The Geophysics Department is also saddened and angered, as Kafadar is an extremely geologically interesting area to do gravity, magnetic, electrical, and electromagnetic surveys. Geophysics has countered by buying a portion of the IM fields to do surveys on.

Because of the eyesore that Berthoud Hall is architecturally, it will be knocked down to make way for new infrastructure. Many have suggested a parking lot, but another building for the Petroleum Department will be built with another Starbucks on the first floor and a Burger King on the 6th floor. The building will be called Marcus Hall.

Geology students are content with Kafadar as their new home. Instead of long nights studying in Berthoud, they have begun studying at Coors Lab. Mines has been very helpful during the transition, and has even bought all the geology students new colored pencils.

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