Hordes of Unknown Entities Once Again Descend Upon Campus – A Review

Aside from being written by an outdated “biologist,” the previous article written about the strange herds of creatures wandering around campus was based on very little observations.

Dr. Olde N. Gray isn’t even a real doctor; he’s a dentist. Many people complain that dentists are doctors too, but they only focus on a single part of the human body. Medical doctors spend a decade studying every part of the human body, what can go wrong with it, and how it changes over time. Dentists clean teeth.

Dentist Olde N. Gay has only observed the mysterious creatures around campus in passing as he feeds the squirrels outside of Alderson. In reality, the creatures wandering in herds are victims of the Great Predator who feeds on the souls of hopefuls. Because hopefuls can no longer be found in our world, creatures outside of our world must be found for it to feed on. Like a Venus fly trap, the creatures are lured in by the beautiful promises of a good career, high pay, and a fun college experience. The herds seen wandering around campus, often led by minions of the Great Predator, are being tempted to sacrifice themselves and their souls in return for a better tomorrow.

The awaiting torture that Dentist Olde N. Gay describes in his article is yet unknown to the hopeful and enthusiastic creatures being lured into the jaws of the Great Predator, to which most of us have already fallen victim. But as a dentist, he views the impending torture as an initiation rite instead of something to warn the naive creatures to avoid.

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