Minds at Mines: Best movie of the year (so far)

Every semester is different, and that means the amount of movies watched per semester is different for many students. Yet, even with a small sample size, it seems that most Mines students have been able to chill out, relax, and see a film, whether it just premiered like “Divergent”, or it has been a childhood favorite like “Anastasia”. We wanted to know the best movies out there that Mines kids are watching right now, so this week, Mines at Mines asked, “What has been the best movie you’ve seen this semester?”

“Frozen.” I’m a big Disney movie fan, but I liked how this one wasn’t just about finding prince charming.
Kelly Dempsey
Not “Divergent.” I didn’t think it was bad, but the book was way better. I thought they did too many changes.
Petra Atwood
George-palmer “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It’s just got a cool storyline. Good acting I guess.
George Palmer
I liked “Anastasia.” Because it got us super excited and it was a great bonding experience for the girls I watch it with.
Shannon Craig
Mitchell-paradie I liked “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” They had humor for kids, and then they had jokes adults would get, and they did a good job doing it.
Mitchell Paradie

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