Minds at Mines: Spring Break!

Spring Break comes at the perfect point in the semester to rescue Mines students from the constant homework, exams and projects. It is also a good halfway marker for the semester. Mines jokingly put up on the student activities board, “Don’t get arrested” the week before Spring Break. Hopefully most student’s plans included not being arrested, having fun, and maybe some relaxing. Before students headed off to faraway lands or home a few minutes away, Minds at Mines caught up with a few to ask,”What will have your Spring Break consisted of?”

Narnia with the kids. Because it’s a magical land filled with Christian allegories.
Sean Spencer
Skiing and hockey. Looking forward to the good powder on the mountain.
Connor Natzke
Heather-Barnes I’m going on a surf trip in Florida.[…] I’m from Florida and have been surfing since I was three or four.
Heather Barnes
Throwing snowballs at my roommate Emily.
Elizabeth Frank

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