Search for missing room continues: Timeline of MH370

The disappearance of room MH370 has left the Mines campus in shock. In such an interconnected community, it seemed impossible to lose something as large as a physics classroom. However, the unthinkable became reality on Saturday, March 8 when the room disappeared without a trace.

At 12:41 am, a physics student walked around Meyer trying to look for the room, but could not find it. He left his pillow in the room and needed to take a nap. He decided to take his napping outside to Kafadar commons, and did not report anything.

The next evening, a common hour exam was set to occur in MH370. Actually, two exams were set to occur, due to an error in scheduling. This left Physics I and Scientific Computing students doubly baffled as to where they were supposed to take their exams. The students were then sent to Berthoud 108 and Coolbaugh 209 and instructed to share desks with students already in there taking a ProbStats test.

Professor Chuck Stone is in charge of the search for MH370. Stone told the Oredigger, “Wow! Can you believe it…I can’t find this room! Would you look at this! A blue box!” As Stone said, there is a blue box in the middle of the third floor hallway of Meyer, similar to a black box. The blue box on MH370 may hold clues as to what happened. Time traveling aliens are suspected in all of this.

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