Skrillex’s New Album: Recess

Dubstep has evolved from humble beginnings, and one of the most prominent and forward thinking artists of the genre is Skrillex. His hair is a statement for his passion and music: it says, “Yup, this is happening.”

The first song of the album, entitled, “Burn the Children,” begins mellow with a oscillatory melody that chills out real hard, but comes in solid with the heavy bass like bum bum bum BUMM BUMM CHIGGGA CHIGGA beep beep CHIGGA yearrrenn—CHIGGA yearrrren. Only to be followed by some harder intervals of BIM BARMMM BARRUURRMRMRMNN BIM BARMM ABABBRRRNRNN dun dun chhhh dun dun dun chhhh. The melody comes back real soft, then the screams. Lots of screams, gotta love the screams with then the BRAAAMMPADAMPADAM BRUMMMMM BRUMM beeeeep beep beep beep beep-beep-beeep-beeep beeeeeeep beep beEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEEEP BEeeep BRUM BEEEEEEP. It is a great song to fall asleep to, or to do laundry to, or whatever is currently like the thing you’re doing or were doing.

Some other notable tracks are “Blender Breath (ft. Dog Spit),” “Robotic Bukkake,” and “The Angled Fist Anthem.” It’s a visionary set of tracks that set the standard for the next generation of dubstep tracks and anthems you can bump your head to and stab your friends with.

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