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50th Anniversary of Largest Earthquake in US History

Anchorage, Alaska, 1964. At 5:30 PM on March 27th, Good Friday, the ground began to shake. Eyewitness Patrick Sanford’s father stopped his car to see what was wrong with his steering. Airman Patrick Hames thought the rumbling he heard was the thump of footsteps at shift change, while James Midlothian assumed it was a pilot revving his airplane engines; another airman suggested it was a bomb. Easter lilies began to fall off the shelves on top of Merry-Rae Brook and her fellow Girl Scouts, who were selling cookies in a grocery store. The cups in Patrick Keulan’s cupboards began to shake against each other, and a moment later the china hutch fell over.


Geek of the Week: Libby Booton

Juggling two jobs, multiple clubs and cheerleading with Mines coursework is no easy feat. Arvada native and Mines sophomore in Engineering Physics Libby Booton does just that. Booton works as a TA for Physics 100 and teaches dance to children at the APEX center in Arvada. Between practices for the Mines Cheerleading team and meetings for various on-campus clubs, The Oredigger caught up with Libby to discuss her geekiness and love for Mines.


The game “2048” is currently sweeping across campus, but there is another game that is equally as addicting. “LHC” is the more science based cousin of “2048.” “LHC” is a physics-based collision game. Instead of colliding numbers like in “2048,” physics particles are smashed into each other in order to create larger, more impressive particles.

Comic Corner: “Serenity: Leaves on the Wind” #3

“Serenity: Leaves on the Wind” is an ongoing series published by Dark Horse Comics. It is based on the popular science-fiction/Western television series “Firefly.” Readers who are not familiar with this series are advised to stop reading now and go watch the show. “Leaves on the Wind” takes place about nine months after the events of the “Serenity” movie. In the last two issues, readers discovered the crew of the Serenity hiding from both the Alliance and the newly-forming rebellion while the galaxy reeled with turmoil as its inhabitants decided how to react to the information Mal and his crew broadcast about the Alliance’s involvement with the planet Miranda. Zoe has given birth and been subsequently captured by the Alliance; Mal and his crew have been re-joined by Jayne and a newcomer, the New Rebellion’s leader, Bea.


2048: Deceptively Simple

The new Flash game “2048” (available at http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/) is free to play and fast to load. The game is also available as a phone app, which is also free (http://git.io/2048), and is based on two non-free phone apps called “1024” and “Threes.” But be forewarned: this is the Pringles of computer games. In other words, once you pop, you cannot stop.

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