Correction to “Opinion from GSG Representative”

This correction is intended to clarify some editing issues with my previous article from last week. The tittle “Opinion from GSG Representative” and subtitle of “GSG on SA Fee” was done last minute by the Oredigger Staff from my original title which can be found at This was purely an opinion piece written by myself and it reflected my views. It was not nor has ever been my intention to represent all of GSG through this article. Unfortunately, this was not made clear in the new title and arrangement selected by the Oredigger and could be misconstrued as an official position when seen next to the opinion written by a USG voting member. Additionally, I would like to note between the transition from page 1 to page 3 the content of “The document “Institutional Plan for Student Fees”, amended by the Board in May of 2013″ was left out and I feel this reference is important for students to have.

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