Fantasia Chacos

With summer sneaking up on campus, more and more people are responding to the warm weather with attire that suits it. The most important thing to consider as the weather gets nicer and nicer is what shoes to wear. People have begun wandering campus in flip flops and sandals but perhaps the most exciting, Chacos.

The Chaco brand began in Colorado and originally made shoes for white water rafting guides. However, since then they have branched out and their shoes can be found on almost anyone. The main feature of their sandals that is uniquely distinct is the Z strap. All of their shoes seem to make a Z pattern if you look down at them from above.

Chacos come in every shape, size and color but the newest of these designs is the Fantasia. The Fantasia differs from previous versions of Chacos because they are lacking the strap that starts on the inside middle side of the foot and goes to the other side. This is a strap that all previous versions have had but the Fantasia does without. This can be very nice if the feet placed inside of them are not average. Some people’s feet muscles bulge more than others at this place. This means that traditional Chacos can sometimes rub wrong or even pinch the muscle, which is not very pleasant. However, the Fantasia’s avoid this.

The best part of Chaco straps is that they are all adjustable. This means that no matter what size foot you have, whether it is wide or narrow or somewhere in between, the Chacos can be adjusted to fit each particular foot. This can also be incredibly convenient when they are worn on airplanes. When flying in an airplane, many people are prone to their feet swelling, mostly due to being seated for so long. However, if feet are encased in Chacos when this happens, all it takes is a few tugs on the straps and all of a sudden it is much more comfortable.

Fantasia Chacos also have a lower arch support, which can be useful for people who are more flat footed. Instead of feeling like you are balancing on tennis balls, it will simply feel like your feet are being cupped by your shoes. This is a very nice feeling that will make walking far more comfortable. The soles of the Fantasia are also thinner, not so thin as to make them no longer protective enough but just enough to make them seem less clunky.

What is probably best about Chacos, though, is that they are both comfortable and good quality products. While they might be a little pricey for a college student ($70 from the outdoors store in Golden), they are sure to last a long time because of their quality. Chacos are an investment that will keep paying you back for years. There are people who bought their Chacos years ago and still wear them with no problems at all.

Overall, Fantasia Chacos seem like an excellent investment that will be the perfect shoe wear for all summer long. These sandals may stay on your feet forever, they simply seem too comfortable to ever take them off. So anyone looking for some good quality and comfortable sandals for the summer that can be worn around campus or on a hike, look no further than Fantasia Chacos.

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