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Cooking Corner_ Falafel

Cooking Corner: Falafel

There is a common misconception that vegetarian food means bland food. While there are definitely vegetarian foods that can be bland, there are also plenty of meats that can be bland if cooked badly. One of the most delicious types of vegetarian food that can be very tasty and have great flavor is Falafel. Falafel is a Middle Eastern food made from chickpeas or garbanzo beans(same thing just two different names for them). This is a food that is very high in protein due to the beans used to make it. As a result, they are a perfect substitute for meat because it still provides a good source of protein. There are several ways in which falafel can be made, such as deep fried balls or as patties that can be eaten like burgers. Often times, falafel will be eaten with pita, which is a flat bread, hummus, a dip or spread made from smashed chickpeas or garbanzo beans, or a yogurt sauce. What better to eat than garbanzo beans with a side of more garbanzo beans? Falafel is a delicious, nutritious, and very filling meal that will be sure to leave everyone’s stomach happy, full and content.

Concert Review: clipping.

Starting late is never easy for an artist or the audience. With a scheduled performance time of 8:15, Clipping, a noise rap group from California, ended up starting at 9, and had to make the most of the intermission, which they did so by making a simple joke. But the only way to understand what made their simple joke of, “Thank you, we’re clipping.,” funny, is to understand Clipping.


Thirteen Reasons Why

By all accounts, Clay Jensen seems like an ordinary, run of the mill high school student. But of course, that is how good stories begin. One day Clay returns home from school to find a box with his name on it and thirteen cassette tapes. These tapes were recorded by his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Clay is given a burden that he will struggle through. Hannah recorded thirteen tapes with the thirteen people outlining the reasons why she is dead. The tapes are passed from person one to person thirteen and only to the people who Hannah blames and talks about on the tapes. Hannah outlines her journey through the last couple of years via a map and landmarks, instructing the listener to go to each landmark as it is discussed. Though it pains him to do so, Clay will battle to listen to all thirteen tapes and follow Hannah’s instructions to different places all around town. From cafes to libraries and gas stations, Clay will piece together the mystery of why Hannah is gone and why his name is on the tapes too.


The Princess Bride: The Book is Better Than the Movie

Many people have seen the movie, but much fewer have read the book. “The Princess Bride” (1973) by William Goldman is everything that the movie is and more. Although lengthy, it is worth the read. Goldman claims that his book is the abridgement of “The Princess Bride” by S. Morgenstern which his father read to him as a child. That book does not exist, but Goldman’s claim of his version of “The Princess Bride” having only the good bits is definitely true. That claim helps Goldman tell the story with a narrative twist on the classic style of the novel.

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