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Swimmers Ready to “Dive” into the Season

The Mines swim team looks prepared and ready to swim fast as the team competed in their first intersquad meet of this season on Sunday (9/27). Many swimmers on the team swam their best and felt they were ready to swim fast this season. The top times were as follows for the meet- 50 backstroke: 25.27 seconds (men) and 28.10 (women), 50 breaststroke: 28.24 (men) and 33.72 (women), and 50 freestyle: 22.40 (men) and 26.10 (women). The head coach for the swim team, Nate Rothman is now entering his fifth year as head coach.

Scientific Discoveries this Week – 9/29/14

USA- In March, Harvard Physicists announced that they had found evidence of gravitation waves- variations in gravitational strength throughout space, which could act as crucial evidence for the Big Bang. However, new data from the Planck satellite shows that more dust is present in space than was expected. This means it is quite likely that the signals that were believed to be gravitational waves, in fact, could have simply been signals that were distorted from the dust. While this does not disprove the existence of gravitational waves, it does cast some doubt on the supposed confirmation of their existence.

Headlines From around the World: 9/29/14

An employee of the Chicago airports O’Hare and Midway has been accused of starting a fire in the FAA Air Route Traffic Control facility in Aurora, III. The fire caused the delay and cancellation of over 2,000 of flights out of both of the airports and disrupted even more throughout the entire country. Since failing to cut his own throat near the location of the fire, he has been charged with the destruction of aircraft and aircraft facilities and faces twenty years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Academic Success at Mines

You just failed your first exam of the year. You are thinking to yourself, “There are two more exams, so if I get an A on both exams, I can still get a B in the class.” Want to achieve a better GPA at Mines? Want to be more effective in studying and learning new concepts? If you answered yes to either question, you should know that academic success will come with hard work and motivation. Understanding a concept and excelling at exams is not a walk in the park. CASA (Center for Academic Support Resources) at Colorado School of Mines suggests these strategies for academic success: time and stress management, cooperative learning, and effective studying.



It is no secret that it is hard to ask a girl out. No amount of planning and rehearsing and making up scenarios will make anyone truly prepared to put their heart on the line. But what if there were someone who could make it all easier? In his 2005 movie “Hitch,” Will Smith is just that person. Alex Hitchens, or “Hitch,” works as an anonymous “dating doctor” coaching men in the art of wooing women. Hitch knows it all: when to call, when to send flowers, even when to go in for that ever-important first kiss. Hitch is happy and enjoying his booming business in New York when he meets possibly his hardest client ever: Albert Brennaman. Albert is a typical nerdy, nervous, slightly overweight employee at an investment firm. There is not much unique about him except one thing: he is absolutely infatuated with a client of his firm, celebrity Allegra Cole. Hitch will take on one of his hardest challenges yet, getting this quiet, awkward, klutzy man noticed by the bleach blonde A-Lister of his dreams.

Entering a Rumor: Chapter 4: Cross Fire

It was a little past dawn when the teen stirred, his eyes scrunching before flickering open. It took a moment for him to remember the events of the night before; the corpses, the fire and most of all, his dead twin. He jerked upwards with a panicked cry, his body crashing back onto the bedroll as his broken ribs and wrist flared in agony.


Colorado Chocolate Cake

This is the perfect recipe for any kind of special occasion. It is a little bit too much work for most people to do just for a random slice of cake but if it is a roommate’s birthday or the birthday of a significant other, it is a great way to impress them and earn some good brownie points, or in this case, cake points. Be prepared to dedicate a couple hours to creating this masterpiece, but once it is finished and presented on the table, no one will be able to deny how absolutely delicious it looks. Take a bite and let the deliciousness dissolve on your tongue. The best part of the recipe is that it is a quite large cake, so there will be plenty left over to eat for days afterwards, either as a good afternoon snack or for a not-so-healthy lunch.

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