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Banks — Goddess (Deluxe)

Jillian Banks, known professionally as BANKS, released her first album this September into the expanse of anticipation surrounding her relative unfamiliarity with the mainstream. BANKS toured alongside The Weeknd for the better part of last year, drawing comparisons to the indie side of R&B with her sultry alternative style and electronic sound.


About Time

“About Time” is a candid look at the life of an Englishman who has inherited the ability to travel back in time. This trait is passed down through the men in his family — a fact he learns from his father on his twenty-first birthday. Jim Lake, seemingly normal, must decide how to use this newfound capability to alter his world for the better. Naturally, he sets upon finding a girlfriend. After a few failed attempts at love, Jim moves to London from his family home in Cornwall. He begins law school and rooms with an old playwright friend of his father’s. Not long after Jim meets Mary and makes plans to take her out on a date. Unfortunately, Jim uses his skill to rescue his roommate’s failed play premier, in the process erasing his first meeting with Mary. The movie continues from Jim’s perspective, wittily and heroically blundering through weddings, family parties, and the fair amount of tragedy reserved for romantic comedies.

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